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What Is a Predictive Dialer?

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In your efforts to maximize efficiency throughout all aspects of your business, you’ll get the most success when you’ve applied the right tools in the smartest ways possible. With its ability to help you reach the people your company needs to reach, the predictive dialer is one of those tools!

The Basics

Contacting customers and leads takes time, particularly if you want to optimize your rate of success. The process of dialing, not to mention contending with answering machines, busy signals, and other unresponsive calls, is costly and time consuming even with a full staff of agents. Predictive dialers allow businesses just like yours to avoid the losses that come from these issues by ensuring a far higher level of quality and efficiency. The end goal of this technology is to offer your agents a more streamlined process so they can focus on what they do best: engaging in successful and effective contact with customers and leads.

How It Works

Not all predictive dialing systems are designed the same way, so their exact function and implementation can often vary. However, what most of them have in common is that they utilize precise automated processes and mathematical algorithms to dial calls from a list of numbers and reduce downtime as much as possible. They are called “predictive” because they excel at statistically pre-calculating the amount of time it may take for a given call to be dialed, whether or not it will connect to a real customer, how much time that call should take, and more.

Choosing the Right Solution

Predictive dialing systems have been around for quite some time, and it was once standard for them to be hardware-based. These days, however, the best systems are cloud-based web solutions. They allow for a far more cost-effective and low-maintenance approach that can be scaled to a call staff of any size. They also implement web-based user interfaces that allow agents to conduct their call campaigns and manage a wide range of data, including performance statistics, information on customers, and more. You’ll know you’ve found the right system for your business when it meets all of these criteria!

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